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Artvigil is the best type of nootropic to try as it is a bit lighter and less potent than its brother, Waklert, leaving you feeling super alert, without the really intense ‘tunnel vision’ feeling that many people desire to be in. Also known as being ‘in the zone’. It can help people increase their focus and concentration, it doesn’t cost very much, and it is perfectly safe. Combining all of that with the fact that it costs only $0.99, it sounds like a great deal!

Why Artvigil?

Artvigil is a product that can help you enhance the cognitive performance of the mind. It allows the users to directly concentrate on the task at hand, and nothing else! Also, this product offers an increase of stamina and productivity, allowing for a much happier experience, than you’d get with stimulants. This smart drug eliminates tiredness and confusing, but without altering your conscience and without that foggy-mind feeling that the stimulants usually offer.

Various types of people use this product, and among them are college students, entrepreneurs, as well as the air force pilots. It is not uncommon for politicians to use this smart drug, or athletes and stressed and socially active housewives.

The fact that makes Artvigil great is allowing for a great effect while taking less of it. The moment you take Artvigil, you immediately start feeling the increase of your mental activity, and what is really important to note is the fact that the level of focus can be maintained all throughout the day.

Who Manufactures It?

Some time ago, an Indian company called Sun Pharma has stopped producing Waklert, and since that happened, the market has been screaming for a similar generic smart drug that offers similar effects under the same price. And the company of HAB Pharma has decided to give that smart drug to the market, and they’ve done it with Artvigil.

HAB Pharma is an Indian company, much like Sun Pharma, and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pharmaceuticals. What is important to note here is the fact that this company follows all the latest standards, including the standards for the European market, as well as the standards for the US market.

What Does It Do?

This amazing nootropic smart drug is a brain pill that allows the users to enhance their cognitive performance, to help them increase their focus and concentration, to increase their productivity by giving them the drive for physical activity, to increase their stamina, and to turn them into a lot more happier people. Also, this product eliminates tiredness and drives away the brain fog that some people might be feeling.

This smart medicine is being used by some of the best entrepreneurs, politicians, bankers, air force pilots, students, and they use it because it gives them an edge, and helps them overcome their obstacles and fears a lot quicker, and reach their goal a lot simpler.

Is It FDA Approved?

A lot of people would be happy to learn that Artvigil is a product that has been approved by the FDA way back in 2007. However, people need to learn that people can’t just go to a doctor and ask for Artvigil to boost their brain; Artvigil has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of sleeping conditions only. However, what’s important to note here is the fact that it has been approved, meaning that it is completely safe, and that it won’t cause you any harm.

What’s The Recommended Dosage For Artvigil? 

Unlike Modafinil which usually comes in 200 mg pills, Artvigil usually comes in 150 mg pills, and that should be the recommended daily dosage of this product. If you’re a person transitioning from Modafinil to Artvigil, the great news comes in the fact that the transition might not even be sensed! Both of these nootropics will offer you a powerful, sharp and alert mind. However, there is one difference between the two, and that is that Artvigil does offer a slightly lesser effect. But, it all depends from one person to another, and in order to determine the differences, you really ought to try the two out, and see them for yourself.

Tolerance Levels

The effects of this smart drug can be reduced in the drug has been used over a long period of time. This happens because of the tolerance of medicines, and in order to avoid it, make sure you use Modafinil for about two weeks and then switch to Artvigil for some time. This should give you the best of both worlds, and allow you to reap all the benefits of these smart drugs. Also, you can stop using them for some time, for example, when you don’t need them.

How Can I Buy It?

Most people buy Artvigil online, even though the people with doctor’s prescriptions could just go to the pharmacy and get it. However, shopping for this product online is a lot cheaper, and a lot safer as well, because the shipping is completely unmarked; the product arrives in a padded envelope. No one will know what you’ve received, and the online vendors also offer the service of tracking the product. Also, in case something happens to your shipment, you’ll be offered a complete refund.

You can pay for this product with a credit card, or by Bitcoin! When it comes to the credit cards, usually Mastercard and VISA are accepted. And after figuring out that purchasing this product online costs about 10 times less than in a pharmacy, even the people with a prescription will start buying it online. You can also buy Modafinil direct from Nixest online 24/7.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can stay super focused throughout the day, be sure to check out our complete online pharmacy here and see what else we can offer you. 

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