It is a real head scratcher for many to choose between various brands of Modafinil that are available in the marketplace today.  Especially since 2010 when Modafinil became available in generic form. You can now even purchase Modafinil online here.  You will be forgiven when you confuse the long list of Modafinil products out there:  Alertec, Alertec, Provake, Modvigil, Modasomil, Modvigil, Carim, Modatec, Vigil, Vigil and Stavigile. But there is no need reason to be confounded because all these brands are one and the same.

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Any pharmaceutical company can produce a drug once its patent expires.   You need to know that all name brands of Modafinil have the same ingredients whether it is made in India or the US.  The popularity of Modafinil has seen many companies fighting tooth and nail to come up with their version of generic Modafinil.   You need to understand that most of the above names are made with the local market in mind to boost sales.    Because all Modafinil is essentially one and the same thing.

Name brands of Modafinil are all patented to the parent company and thus they are all made with the same formula and ingredients, it is an original brand name manufacturer that make the first cake then patents the method and the ingredients.  Anyone can make the same cake once the information has been released to the public.  The FDA have put strict regulations in place to ensure that the generic medicine you get is the same as the original brand name product.  The generic version must match the original in all aspects; if the original had a chocolate flavour, then the generic one must have the exact flavour.

It is important to understand that when a drug is developed the parent company developing it patent the generic drug and the brand name under which the drug would be sold.   Exactly what happened when the French company that developed Modafinil patented it and the brand name under which the drug would be sold as, Modiabol

In that case, there are two ways to take for other manufacturers to make the same drug. First, you can buy the patent and manufacture the drug under a different brand name. This was the case when Modafinil surfaced on the US market in 1998 as Provigil, which is the still the main brand name there.   The other alternative is to wait for the patent to expire then make the drug as generic under a different brand name.  However, in the latter case, the original manufacturer still get a share of the revenue generated through sales.     Sun Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest companies of its kind in India and globally bought the patent and began making the drug under the brand name, Modalert.

How effective are the generics?  A question that might have bothered some.  The FDA requires that all generic drugs must have about 85-128%   of the active ingredient of the brand name. Meaning that generic drug may be weaker or stronger than the original brand depending on the concentration of the active ingredient available. However, generally speaking, all generics must fall within that range.  It is important to note that regardless of the brand and manufacturer all generics contains the same main ingredient in almost same rations.

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How is it that some generic are seen to be more efficient than others?  It is very much possible that some generic drugs have more of than active ingredient that others and are thus perceived as more potent. But why do we have debates about which generic is powerful than the other? One reason that has been advanced to explain this is the brand name placebo effect.  It occurs when people believe that a given generic drug works better because of the name, packaging and the cost.   Thus, names are critical in selling a product. No doubt, one the reasons why manufacturers spend millions on marketing their products.

Similarities between Modvigil and Modalert

With the legal issues out of the way, we can now look at the two drugs in details. Both Modalert and Modafinil are used to treat narcolepsy, a sleeping condition that comprises of the sleep issues such as insomnia and excessive sleep.  Modalert and Modvigil are also used to treat condition leading to excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).  It includes apnea,   shift work sleep disorder, to name just a few.  These drugs are wakefulness promoting agents.  They help the user to stay alert, awake and focused on completing tasks and being more productive.

The other similarity is that the two drugs are the most popular brands, judging by the sales and the number of users.   They are considered safer than all others on the market.  Modvigil and Modalert are preferred because they are not habit-forming, and they are less likely to have any adverse side effects.

Differences between Modvigil and Modalert

The main difference between the two drugs is that Modalert is considered slightly more effective than Modvigil. Modvigil is a generic Modafinil and thus it less potent. Modalert is estimated to be 10-15% more efficient than Modalert, and that is perhaps why more people buy Modalert.

It is essential to find a trusted online pharmacy if you want Modalert in the west because the drug is not available under this brand name. You will be happy to know that it is much cheaper than western alternatives available.  Unlike, Modafinil it is the same drug so don’t be confused by different names. Like we said before it is also much effective than Modvigil.   Modalert gives you value for your money because it has the best price to effectiveness ratio that you can find anywhere else.

Various generic versions have minor difference to the original product.  Such as the use of different quality and quantities of the ingredients. Just like same cake may have different versions.  For instance, one baking company may use 100% pure dark chocolate from Brazil while another manufacturer user’s semi-sweet chocolate from an Asian country. One manufacturer might choose to use premium flour and sugar while another settles on an artificial sweetener to do the same job. The cake will have the same flavor but won’t be the same as the original. You might find that some tests better than others.

Another critical distinction is the kind of packaging used by various companies. One manufacturer may decide to use a clear plastic for packaging.  Perhaps to save money. While another company might go to great lengths and use stylish boxes for packaging but that doesn’t change the taste, just the appearance.   This gives credence to differences in pricing of various generic drugs.

This far we have seen that the only differences in different generic versions are the ingredients and the packaging used. The benefit of the buying generic medicines as compared to original brand names is that they are much cheaper. The original manufacturer has done all the heavy lifting:  research, testing, and marketing. So the generic maker doesn’t have to do any of that.

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Prices are also very critical. Most people believe that a generic that costs at $4 must be better than one that goes at $1.  Packaging is also a big seller. Something that well package is perceived to be better. Why else would top-notch restaurants take the trouble to make their plates look much better? Surely not to make food any more appetizing or tastier but it only makes to look more appealing to the eye.

Buy Modvigil if you are short on cash because of it somehow cheaper but it can do the same job. However, its efficacy is reduced compared to Modalert because it has a smaller amount of the drug, but what is the point of saving money to buy a drug that may not be as effective?   Just close your eyes and order Modalert if you want to see better results within a short time. There is no need for taking, it is your health that we are talking about here.

It is important for generics to be tested to ascertain their safety.  However, the problem is that most manufacturers are located in countries and place where testing standards, inspection and enforcement of standards may not be up to the required level. Modvigil is the only generic we know that has undergone various stringent tests to ensure that it has the highest level of the active ingredients.    This is to ensure that the highest standards of the safety adhere which should be the primary concern whenever you want to let something into your body.

Modvigil has also received plaudits for great quality packaging than all the other brands.   Modvigil is packaged in robust and tightly packed plastic blister pack. Unlike Modalert,   has a perforated pill container which means that a blister pack can be easily divided into ten single little plastic containers with one just one pill.  The pills can be further broken into smaller halves along their break notch using a pointed or sharp object such as a knife.  You can divide the halves further into quarter pills of 50 mg if you want to keep the dosage down.

What Exactly Are The Differences?

Modvigil and Modalert might reach you to the similar result, and that is why so many people think of them as practically being one and the same thing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, because they are pretty different. You see, Modafinil is a generic drug, and can be found as such on the market for 6 years now, and you can even get it online. However, in the recent years, more and more producers have figured out just how popular this drug is, and have started producing their own variants of it. Well, two of those ate the Modvigil and the Modalert, and even though they are different, they are pretty much the same.

Different Versions of One Drug

Now, many people have been asking how come there are so many versions of this one drug (with Modvigil and Modalert being among them)? Isn’t there a law prohibiting this? Well, there is, but the fact of the matter is that the patent for Modafinil has expired, and when that happens, pretty much everyone can make their own version of this drug. Many local companies just change the name of the drug to be easily pronounced by the local population, or something similar. That is the reason why there are so many variants of a single drug.

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These generic drugs that we can find on the market today are being made by following the recipe found in the original patent. It is like making a cake, and if you make it exactly the same as you have seen in the recipe, you’ve made a generic drug. You publish the recipe, and suddenly, everyone starts making that cake, and some even start calling it their own name. In order to be sure that the new drug is the same as the one in the recipe, the FDA regulates the generic drugs. However, the ingredients have to be the same, but the quantity of each of them does not! Let’s use the cake analogy again, shall we? For example, the recipe states that you need to add 50 grams of peanuts in it; but you don’t really like peanuts, and so you add just 30 grams of it. Or, the peanuts are too expensive for you, and you can only afford 30 grams of the cheapest kind of peanuts there is. Basically, the cakes will be the same, but again, they won’t be. That’s what we meant when we said at the beginning that Modvigil and Modalert are the same, but are again different.

Another thing that needs to be different is the packaging. Every company wants to make their own packaging, or at least, to design their own. That is why the packaging for these two drugs are different; both companies wish for their own drug to be more appealing to the customers, and also to be distinguishable from the other.

Why Differentiate Them?

Even though both of these drugs are generic drugs, and are pretty much the same, some people claim that one of them is better than the other. Some people might just be experiencing the placebo effect, but others might just be on to something. You see, not everyone like the same thing, and every organism is different. That is why some people enjoy the drug with slightly less of one ingredient and complain about the drug that has more of that ingredient in it. That is why some generic drugs contain more of the active ingredient; some people like it when it has more of it; and some people like it when it has less of it, and thus the other drug is created.

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Which One is Better?

Answering the question of which one is better is really difficult, because, as we have already said, not everyone is the same, and not everyone likes the same things. Some people will like Modalert more, while others will like Modvigil more. It all depends on the person. However, Modvigil was proven to be the most similar to the original Modafinil, and if that is something you like, then you have your winner. Also, people have been praising Modvigil’s packaging as being one of the best ones on the market, and it this is your main criteria than you need to look no further than Nixest as we have everything you need all in one place.

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