Modafinil Dosage and It’s Main Uses

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Modafinil is a medication that comes with the brand name of Provigil. Due to the use of this medicine, issues related to sleep or narcolepsy can be cured. It becomes possible to stay awake at the time of working hours in spite of the lack of sleep in the night. The routine of healthy sleep can be maintained through the process easily.

Substitute Usage

In most occasions, exhaustion and tiredness are kept away with the assistance from Modafinil. However, the medicine can be used extensively due to its various characteristics. The comparison can be drawn with the property called amphetamines due to the effect on the consciousness.

Use of Modafinil has increased over the years. More comprehensive application of the medicine is seen now-a-days. Cognitive stamina and agility can be maintained properly. The medicine is quite popular with the students due to its impact. Business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals are used to working long hours in the respective work field. Due to this reason, they have been recommending the medication to others. Issues related to the cycle of sleep and wake can be eliminated entirely from the life.

Further advantages of consuming can be observed. It is not possible to come across any addiction symptom with the use of medication. Blood pressure level may not be altered with the consumption of medicine at all. It may not lead to any sense of jubilation and ecstasy. Modafinil is found in a cost-effective amount. Therefore, you may not have to waste additional sum of money to purchase the medication. A hangover may not be noticed at all. Other forms of side-effect may not also be found.

Central nervous system can be made more alert as peripheral stimulation is not seen with the medication. Therefore, complicated things can be done without any hassle. Problems are not felt to do repetitive task also.

Several studies have been done on the effect of Modafinil. From the research, it has found that athletes have been using it to increase their stamina during competition. The study has been conducted on fifteen athletes. Every day, 4mg medication according to body weight is given to these athletes as a part of the test. Placebo is offered to some of these athletes also. Through the evidence, it has become clear that 30% stamina is generated with the medicine in comparison to the people that has consumed a placebo. Due to this reason, Modafinil cannot be consumed during sports events.

Utilization of Modafinil has been observed for Alzheimer disease as well. It can be effective for the post-anesthesia, brain fog and memory loss. Most of the elderly person is quite worried to use the medication. However, harm is not seen at all with the consumption of drugs by students and employee that works in the night.

Guideline for Dosage

To avoid exhaustion, 100 mg of Modafinil can be consumed. It is possible to divide the 200 mg pill into halves for the purpose of consumption. Production is increased with the intake of medication in the morning. However, another 100mg of Modafinil can be taken before lunch. It is better not to take the medication with sleep disorder as the effect of the medication lasts for about 15 hours.

Care should be taken to check the likely side effects of Modafinil prior to its consumption.

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