Anyone who owns a car knows that there are two ways of getting more horsepower out of the car engine. You can either supercharge or turbocharge. Both methods can bring your vehicle’s power to higher levels than you can imagine. But can the two be combined to get more horses out of the engine without wrecking it?  That is what we are set to find out with caffeine and Modafinil. Obviously, they are not the same as super or turbo chargers but let’s just use this analogy for now.   Before we think of mixing them, we need to know what they bring to the table as stand-alone cognition enhancers.

Let start with Modafinil


Modafinil is the eugeroic prescription drug that is approved by the FDA to cure various kinds of sleep disorders. It is manufactured and distributed by Cephalon and sold under the brand name Provigil

. It has crafted a reputation as a smart drug of choice for many although its use as Nootropic is off-label.  Modafinil is known to boost brain power, enhance performance and ease fatigue.  As a result, many college students and academics are using it to increase their intellectual performance and productivity.  Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that is used to increase focus and rid one of sleepiness that gets in the way during a working day.

No wonder, students have moved with speed to make Modafinil their friend in need. Studies show that 1 in 5 students use Modafinil, mainly to get through exams.   Modafinil gets the best out of the brain especially when there is so much to take in when exams are knocking on the door.  It improves focus, motivation and boosts energy levels to stay up and pour over volumes of books.  It has the same stimulating effect of caffeine, but it is much stronger.

Just in case you are wondering, Modafinil is safe to use. It has had no recorded deaths in the 17 years it has been in use. The side effects are very mild such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and headache. But there is no need for alarm because there is nothing severe. But it would be good to get clearance of a medical professional before you begin taking the drug.


Caffeine has been used as a stimulant for centuries now. Widely considered as the most popular Nootropic on earth today. Drinking coffee gained notoriety and popularity in the 17th century England which led to a rise of many coffee shops also known as ‘penny universities.’  All you needed was a dime to grab a cup of coffee and have highbrow conversations with other people in a coffee shop.  Coffee is possibly the most common Nootropic, and there is, for a reason; it is ubiquitous and safe to use.

Some of the main benefits include; prevention of Parkinson’s diseases in some cases. It is also used as an antioxidant to repair damage to neurons. Caffeine is also widely considered good for the heart, and it also helps in prevention of liver cancer.

However, you need to be wary because of caffeine use increases anxiety, leads to mood swings and can give one a coffee breath. Nothing severe as far your health in concerned


Modafinil is great on its own but combining with something else gives it an extra edge. In a process is known as stacking.  Modafinil and caffeine are one of the most popular Modafinil stacks. The two have distinct pharmacological differences, but they are closely associated together because of their positive effects on the users.  The only difference is that while caffeine has a shorter half-life, Modafinil has a relatively longer duration. Modafinil is also known to amplify the effects of caffeine.

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Caffeine is cheap and readily available stimulant while Modafinil requires a doctor’s prescription, but they are both used for cognitive enhancement and boosting wakefulness. The question worth asking is, how they interact?

Modafinil like caffeine works by altering the chemicals in the brain that regulate sleep and wakefulness. Thus, there is no reason to believe that caffeine interacts negatively with Modafinil.  But you can still ask your doctor for clearance if you have any questions about combining the two.  Given that both caffeine and Modafinil are wakefulness promoting agents, combining them would mean enhanced impact on the user.

Like when you combine super and turbocharge. Great at is sounds, it might wreck your engine if you rush into it with your eyes closed.  Combining Modafinil and caffeine can leave you open to panic attacks and anxiety. Therefore, you need to be wary.  For instance, if you usually take 3 cups of coffee a day, you can cut down to one cup alongside Modafinil and see how it goes.

Those who use caffeine as a pre-work supplement would know that its effect wears off pretty quickly. You can’t rely on coffee to keep you energized for the rest of the day. Also, the body tends to build tolerance for coffee very fast. That’s why some people have to take 10 cups a day to get any meaningful energy boost.  The effects become so short-lived, once your body has built tolerance for coffee. Therefore, a more potent stimulant is what you need to perk you up.

From experience, I have learned that there are variations in how they interact from one person to another.  Modafinil kicks out all the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue that affects many sedentary people. On the other hand, caffeine boosts the thinking speed.

Although both of them seem to work in a complimentary way, my choice would be Modafinil if I was asked to choose between the two.   Modafinil is a cognitive booster per excellence; coffee doesn’t even come close. So what the heck is the point of coffee when you can get Modafinil?  Modafinil is more potent, more effective and it does have a jittery feeling like coffee. However, the cost might be slightly on the upper side compared to coffee.

As many of you already know, you need to be sure about the timing and dosage if you want to get the most out of stacked Nootropic.   I would advise that you take your Modafinil in the morning as always and then your cup of coffee later in the morning or after lunch.  The caffeine shot will get your internal turbo spooling up when you need it the most.  Taking the two at the same time may give you a raw deal rather than the much-needed potency that you expect from tinkering with the two stimulants.

However, don’t over boost your turbo because it can damage the engine.   The thought of getting a high boost can be tempting.  But you need to watch out for the addiction and the feel of power that comes with it. Similarly, stacking nootropics can be dangerous. Some people guzzle gallons of coffee with Modafinil because of the power that they get but they don’t think of the harmful consequences.   Having too many coffees with Modafinil can lead to over-simulation. Causing a great feeling of anxiety than what you are used to. You need to find the right balance between the two for seamless interaction.

Caffeine and Modafinil have a synergistic effect, so just take the recommended dosage, and you will get the energy boost you require to complete your tasks.   Don’t take this combination if you are not busy because it can drive you nuts.  The high increase from this combination needs to be channelled into a meaningful activity like clearing our desk of all pending projects.

Side effects

Is there any side effect of taking caffeine together with Modafinil? The short answer is yes! Taking caffeine and Modafinil can significantly enhance a feeling of wakefulness and cognitive abilities, but there are some considerable drawbacks.  This combination can cause a substantial amount of discomfort.

Taking caffeine and Modafinil within few hours of each other can lead to side effects such as headaches, irritability, agitation, jitteriness and a feeling of tightness in the chest.  Although none of these side effects are life threatening or able to cause impairment, they can be pretty uncomfortable and unpleasant.  It is in your best interest to exercise caution when taking this combination.

That doesn’t mean you have to cut off caffeine from your system completely.  If you are a caffeine addict, you know how important your daily dose is for normal functioning.   While   Modafinil is powerful enough to give you the much-needed energy boost on its own, your body still needs the daily caffeine ritual normal operation.  For this reason, any abrupt stop of caffeine consumption can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms.

However, you may have to cut down on the amount of caffeine that you take. Too much of coffee can heighten the diuretic effect of Modafinil leading to dehydration.  The combination can be overwhelming to most people causing undesirable effects such as feelings of anxiety and jitteriness.  Many individuals who have used this combination quickly find out that it can be a hyperactive mess in the beginning. But with experience and experiment they tend to find what works best for them.