Did you know that a normal human being only accesses about 20% of their brain power?  Smart drugs have the ability to boost brain power so that one can do much more.  With what one already has; it is like getting the brain to perform to it true potential.  So people, is Modafinil cracked up to be what people say?  Tell me of any drug that gives you great pleasure as you work and lets you do so much, that you wouldn’t be without it and I would agree that the accolades received are justifiable.

Human life has gone through various phases over the years with every evolutionary step  characterized by   scientific and technological advances.  Neuroehancement is the new in-thing  that seeks to boost and stretch natural human abilities. Smart drugs such as Modafinil have captured the attention and imagination of many people because of the immense possibilities that they promise. Most people would want to be mentally sharp and to clear the cob webs in their brain.  It is not like   enhancing our natural human abilities is something entirely new.

The human society invented   the wheel for movement, the compass for navigation and the wire for communication. Improving our brain power and the way it functions is something we all should agree on if we want to get ahead. Who doesn’t want to do much more than they are presently able to do? It is a no brainer really.  Considering that our minds tend to suffer from constant fatigue and we have to recharge with sleep and rest before getting back to work.  But the smart pill changes the long held truth about brain power on its head. By unleashing potential and ability that you didn’t know existed.

But imagine what your brain would do with a smart pill that promises much more than a sharper mind. Modafinil can increase wakefulness, cure sleep disorders and increase general wellbeing. The good thing is you don’t have to be sick of any condition to use this drug.  You just need to be ambitious enough. If you want to do more and achieve   more with little effort then you   need the potent power of Modafinil to get you there.  Whether you are a student sitting exams who want to push your mind to the edge or a writer who has loads of stuff to be written, one smart pill is all you need to get you firing on all cylinders.

Modafinil, licensed by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the first of its kind. The drug has earned its renown due to its ability to improve the cognitive abilities of perfectly normal individuals. Using the drug like getting a push forward in our human evolution cycle.  It expands our normal brain functioning. The safety of the stimulant drug has been tested and confirmed over a long period of time. Modafinil has passed all sorts of necessary safety checks to ensure that is good for human use. The drug has proven record of helping people with sleep disorders stay awake. Very impressive results have been reported in individuals with neuropsychiatric disease; their cognitive abilities and functioning have been brought to normalcy because of using this drug.

The success of this drug in treating people with cognitive issues is well documented so there was need to test its success on the perfectly healthy individuals who have no sleep related disorders. Results have shown that Modafinil improves cognitive abilities such as conflict resolution, decision making and planning. Which bring us to the particular conclusion that Modafinil   is a great neuroenhancer for those with cognitive issues and those who are very normal.

Test that has been done over the year about the effectiveness of Modafinil to improve cognitive abilities haven’t gone far enough. Because there aren’t many out there that focus on normal adults.

New testing methods

It was until August 2015 that a team of researchers from Oxford and Harvard University reviewed all the studies undertaken so far on the effect of Modafinil on healthy adults.

They found that most studies tend to look at people with cognitive problems then make generalized blanket statements about the success (or lack of it).

The other problem has been the use of wrong and inappropriate cognitive tests.  Those that are meant for people with cognitive problems.    It doesn’t give a real account because individuals with no neurological disorders tend to do well in them without the help of neuroenhancers.  What researchers call the ‘ceiling effect’ which means that healthy adults would do well in such tests without the use of Modafinil?   So selecting inappropriate cognitive tests to lead to wrong conclusions because the drug viability of healthy adults isn’t tested.

Consequently, the researchers decided to use a broad range of tests to examine some of the benefits of Modafinil on normal and healthy adults.  Some of the things tested include learning, attention, memory and decision-making function. The impact of   Modafinil was much more evident because more appropriate tests had been used.

The test was so successful, and the results were so different that the researchers concluded that methods used to verify and assess the neuroenhancement are grossly inadequate.  There is a need for new, improved and better cognitive testing methods for perfectly healthy people to get good results.

Real enhancement

It is not new that you find people comparing neuroenhancers to steroids, but nothing could be more false. It is a wrong analogy because steroids create more muscles that you didn’t have while smart drugs such as Modafinil only use the brain that you have to get the best out of it; by putting it in the optimal chemical state.

It is not like you are turning Homer Simpson into Albert Einstein but turning Einstein into a better, high achieving version of himself. Imagine how many scientific discoveries would have been made.  Smart drugs enable you to do more because they make work become more enjoyable because you can focus more and thus achieve much with little effort.

There is no doubt that neuroenhancers such as Modafinil have great potential for the world now and in the days to come. Better learning and retention of information, better decision-making, and problem-solving.  Of course, improved cognition and enhanced brain power can result in the main breakthroughs in various human fields of interest.  Such as new discoveries in medicine and academia.

However, the potential moral dilemmas that this drug poses hangs around heavily like an enormous dark cloud. It isn’t easy to negotiate. There are those who consider using smart drugs as a form of cheating especially when used by students in an exam room to gain an edge over their colleagues. Or athletes using the drug to gain some extra push to the touchline.  But flatly rejecting the drug is like throwing out the baby with the bath water. There is so much to Modafinil than what it might mean to a student sitting for a paper.

Smart drugs can give you an extra five hours of work each day, and that can improve the work output.  If you don’t think that is much, consider that it would be an extra two hundred and fifty extra hours per year.  I am sure Einstein and Edison would rub their hands in glee at the prospect of getting half of that.

How Modafinil works

Modafinil operates in three main ways to ratchet up you cognitive abilities so that your brain keeps giving when you need it to, no matter the pressure that might be throwing your way.

  • It keeps the mind alert by maintaining a constant flow of blood to the brain
  • It increases energy levels because it ensures that the brain is refreshed all day long with energy to keep you working as long as you want.
  • It enhances the acetylcholine so that memory process and the learning function of the brain are up to date. The Modafinil stimulates the acetylcholine so that the brain is in an excellent chemical state that to learn as much as you may want.

 Future enhancement

The developments taking place can only be a good thing that has come at the right time. Neuroenhancers have a potential to improve our understanding of human ability. They can also help us to sincerely appreciate the world around, to build better relationships and become more innovative, productive and resilient.  However,   grave danger of abuse and harm that comes from these drugs remains. Possible side effects of Modafinil should not lead to outright rejection, but we need to look at ways of minimizing the potential effects.

One of the ways is to seek immediate medical attention in the event of side effects. To abide by the prescription as given by the doctor; taking an under or an over dose can have adverse consequences. Lastly, don’t self-prescribe. Ensure you have the green light of the doctor to make sure you are on the safe side.

There is also need for a societal debate on the efficiency and benefits of smart drugs because they are here to stay.  A Clear policy that deals with development and regulation of Modafinil should be far reaching but developed with the input of all key players.