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Modvigil provides you with a slightly less intense experience compared to Modalert but it still provides a good amount of focus and wakefulness, whilst being slightly more cost effective. Direct from HAB Pharma Modvigil 200 is created by HAB Pharma and is the generic version of Provigil made by Cephalon. Each Modvigil pill contains 200 mg of Modafinil of the highest purity. AU- from: AU$1.11 Per Pill.

200mg of Pure Modafinil Manufactured by HAB Pharma Direct to Australia

Modvigil 200 manufactured by HAB Pharma, our latest generic Moda, is not expensive. Its chief content is 200 mg of Modafinil of utmost purity, produced in HAB Pharma’s state of the art manufacturing plant in India. Nixest sells only genuine Modafinil pills obtained from HAB Pharma.

You are aware that one tablet of Provigil, produced by Cephalon, is sold for AU$ 12-25 by Australian pharmacies, whereas we have since long been selling its substitute, Modalert 200 at affordable prices. Now, we are pleased to announce availability of a still economical adaptation of Modafinil. You can now buy one dose of Modvigil for just AU$1.11 and save money at this point in time.

As Sun Pharma was getting ready to launch its manufacturing of generic Modafinil, HAB soon realized the potential it offered and was quick to set up its own manufacturing plant for its own adaptation of Modafinil and named it as Modvigil, which has earned a name for itself by catering to the requirement of consumers who found it answering their requirements at prices they could afford. Since these two provide the most favourable results, other brands got ignored.


For Experienced Users and Beginners

It is difficult to make a comparison of these formulations as it boils down to how a particular formulation reacts with the body of an individual. However, one thing that stands out in case of Sun Pharma is its state of the art manufacturing plant resulting to production of very few ‘bad batches.’

As far as professed differences of the effects of taking this are concerned, some consumers reported that effect was not as intense as the effects experienced on taking Modalert. This is interpreted as a positive feature by groups of people who may prefer having less ‘wired’ or ‘fuzzy’ effect. As already pointed out the effects of one individual may not necessarily be the same as that of another, as it varies with the body of an individual. So, we prompt clients to try it out and appreciate the experience on their own.


Dosage Recommendations

Here again there would be a slight exception, as per the metabolism of consumers. One dose of 100mg, taken during mornings, would suffice to give a good boost to average consumers. However, one can take it as when it feels like. Such a dosage suffices to give the desired feeling throughout the day. But those who have already developed a resistance to it may require an additional dose of 100mg during the day to get the expected level of focus or awareness.


Especially compact packaging

Quite like its cousin Artvigil, this type is also available in strong and compact blister packs, made from plastic. The only exception is that containers of Modvigil’s are perforated, allowing the consumer to easily separate the entire contents into ten small plastic containers, each having one pill. Additionally, the pills have been marked with a slash to enable the user to break the pill into two halves by using a knife or any sharp edged item. If the user wants to further cut down on its consumption, the halved capsule can further be broken into two, meaning you get four small pills, with each capsule containing just 50 mg of Modafinil.


Unmarked Envelopes For Secure Shipping to Australia

All orders are sent out in padded envelopes that are smaller than a sheet of paper and very inconspicuous for total peace of mind. Every order sent is tracked directly from the distributer, right up to your door. Deliveries are sent within 24 hours and you will receive an email alert with your private tracking code. If your order gets lost or seized by customs, we will refund the full amount free of charge.


What is Modvigil?

Need to experience the wonders of the magic Modafinil tablet? It is the closest you may get to an ideal modafinil drug. Without a doubt, this is the best modafinil placeholder with very similar effects to other modafinil branded products. The advantage is that Modvigil costs half as much. However, Mod is also closely associated with another modafinil brand, Provigil that is created in the US by Cephalon, Inc.

The brand names and price is the only exception that sets these 3 main products apart. But they all have the same active ingredients to amp you up for anything that you are prepared to do. There is 200mg modafinil present in all these drugs which are sufficient to amp up anyone in need of extra alertness and wakefulness.

There other notable exception to Waklert and it is that while Modvigil is created by HAB Pharmaceuticals, Modalert is created by Sun Pharmaceuticals( both located in India) while Provigil is made by the Pennsylvania-based, pharmaceutical company, Cephalon. HAB may not be as large as Cephalon and SUN pharmaceuticals, but that doesn’t mean its products are of a lesser quality. Nootropic analysis has shown that most patients tend to lean towards this one after a short period of the trial.
Although most reports tend to reveal that other types are more popular, however this one is not very far behind. This product is giving it’s bigger brother a real run for its money, and it is only a matter before it becomes the drug of choice if growing online reviews is something to go by. Some users have gone as far as swearing that Modvigil is the more potent of the two brands, but that is a conclusion that we will leave to you to reach by yourself.

Modvigil is a blessing to patients with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and those who suffer from shift work sleep disorder. The Modvigil tablet can keep sleep at bay to give you the much-needed alertness and mental stringy to get your work done. But you don’t have to have a sleep disorder to use one of these tablets; online studies are increasingly showing that these brands are gaining traction among college students, truck drivers, and even computer programmers.

Ingesting the these tablets seems to amp them up to remain wakeful for longer and work through the night. The other draw for many students is the affordable cost. You can acquire as many pills even if you have a shallow pocket or operating on a budget. HAB has made it possible for almost anyone to access these pills. For a standard dosage of 200mg, the amount of money needed varies from $0.8 to around $2 per tablet.

A great scoop in comparison with Provigil which can go beyond $10 per tablet. Most individuals purchase around 90 units which can cost you about $115 or roughly $1.28 per tablet. You can consume this supply for three months or even a full year depending on your usage frequency.
Most online pharmacies are likely to give you a discount if you buy in bulk. But you have to ensure that you are buying from a trusted Modvigil vendor so that you don’t get a raw deal and get your fingers burned in the process. Proper research is a rule of thumb when buying any drug regardless of whether it is any of the ones we supply online.


Modvigil benefits

The primary use of a modafinil placeholder is to help patients to stay awake. Research analysis and user studies have shown that Modvigil is efficient for the treatment of narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. The drug also has potent against multiple sclerosis, a condition that causes extreme tiredness. Doctors also prescribe these drugs (Modvigil, Provigil, and Modalert) for people with ADHD and ADD. The drug is good for patients with various cognitive disorders, and even healthy individuals may use Modvigil for enhancing their brain power.
Studies and drug surveys show that majority of individuals using Modafinil (90%) are healthy individuals seeking cognitive enhancement. Drug analysis has shown that individuals seeking a competitive edge have turned to smart drugs such as Modalert, Modvigil, and Provigil. Although these uses are off-label, that hasn’t deterred individuals from seeking an extra edge promised by Modvigil. To its credit, it hasn’t disappointed given the multiple online user reviews. Modalert and Provigil seem to share these off-license uses of Modvigil.
• Modvigil enhances the learning capacity due to increased alertness
• Enhances brain energy to increase production
• Improves the attention span due increased wakefulness and focus
• Improves decision making
• It will amp you up to accomplish much with little effort
Recent reviews have touted weight loss as another benefit of taking it. Users reported that Modvigil helped them to burn fat which led to weight loss. This was also compounded by the loss of appetite, but this hasn’t been backed up by research analysis.

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