About Nixest

Modafinil is a central stimulant, similar to Adrafinil, approved by the United Sates’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a wakefulness-promoting agent and temporarily improves memory and increases efficiency. It is especially useful for those who lack the motivation to work or have a great deal to do in a small space of time. This is the reason it is so popular among the student population. Whilst Modafinil doesn’t make you cleverer as such, it allows you to reach your full potential and complete tasks to the highest standard.


Usually prescribed by doctors, it is used for the treatment of excessive day time sleepiness, such as narcoleptic syndrome, excessive daytime sleepiness or shift-work sleep disorder. But over recent years, it has gained popularity, used to treat ADHD, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and weight gain, and most commonly, as a study drug.


It’s that good that even the army use it! The drug is given to troops in combat situations where they may face sleep deprivation and intense fatigue. It is considered a safer alternative to amphetamines with enhanced effects.


Even top-selling novelists, like MJ Hyland, who also suffers from multiple sclerosis, advocate the drug as a steroid for you mind, but in a good way. Hyland said it made her feel “like me on my best day, twice as productive and considerably happier”. No one can deny that this drug can really make a difference in our everyday lives to help us to become a better version of ourselves. For this reason, Nixest has taken this challenge on to provide customers with the best quality of service possible.


The main effect which users note is the subtle euphoric buzz, which enhances mood, and a tunnel effect, which drastically improves concentration. Modafinil allows you to concentrate for hours on end without distraction.

If you are wondering on the dosages you take, click here for the recommended Modafinil dosages.