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Tired all Day, Lack Concentration, Trouble Focusing… Sound Like You?

Modafinil is widely taken by some of Silicon Velley’s CEO’s, Fighter Pilots, Bankers on Wall Street and high performing University students to enhance their cognitive performance. Buy Modafinil from the No1 trusted source, Nixest.

Who Exactly Takes These Smart Drugs?

There are many students, celebrities and entrepreneurs alike who use these Smart Drugs to stay on top of their game.

Barack Obama Image

Barack Obama

Photo of Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris

UK Fighter jet pilot

UK Army

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Joe Rogan

Dave Asprey Takes Modafinil to stay focused

Dave Asprey

Wall Street Using Modafinil

Wall Street Top Dogs

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Alternative Uses Of Nixest Products

Most people use our site Nixest to get rid of the fatigue due to the fact that it has some rather sustainable and potent characteristics; and it is these characteristics that have made the use of it ever more wider. Most people compare these characteristics to those of amphetamines, but only when it comes to the perceptible capacity of the cognitive enhancement. Lately, more and more people have started using Nixest for the situations in which demand cognitive stamina and agility. Students take it for that reason, as do the university professors, business executives and entrepreneurs, as well as the politicians and the socially active parents.

People generally like this smart drug because of several facts, and one of them has to be that it is thought to be non-addictive. Also, the consumption of this product does not bring about changes to our blood pressure, nor does it offer a sense of euphoria. Also, it is not that expensive, and taking it does not cause any hangover the next day. Basically, there are no major side effects to it. This drug is also well known for its ability to slow down the peripheral stimulation of the central nervous system, meaning that you’ll get an enhanced sense of alertness and focus, on both the repetitive, as well as the complex tasks.

A recent study operated in Canada on the topic of athletes’ consumption of drugs seems to indicate that a large number of them have been using this smart drug to improve their stamina during the competitions. These male athletes that were being tested have shown to have at least 30% more stamina than the average athlete, indicating that Nixest has a lot to offer. However, it was banned for the athletes’ use by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

It’s not only the sportspeople that use this drug, because there are several trials being conducted today on whether this product could be used as an aid in treating the patients suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease, loss of memory, post-opioid brain fog, as well as an aid in post-anesthesia, in improving the enthusiasm in the elderly, and in treating the people from the misuse of methamphetamines.

Guidelines for Dosage From Our Pharmacy

If you are one of the people wishing just to get rid of the tiredness, then a 100 mg pill of this smart drug should be enough for you. If you have the 200 mg pills in front of you, just split it in half, and take one of the halves. This is also the standard dosage for the people wishing to enhance their productivity, but the difference is that they ought to take two of those a day – one in the morning, and one during the lunch. You can purchase Modalert 200 direct from us here at Nixest, just click one of the product links above.

Interference With Other Medicines

You can also buy Waklert from us directly and it is stronger than Modalert so is recommended for the more advanced user.

It is really important to talk to your doctor before you start taking this smart drug, and tell them all about the medicines that you are already taking, no matter what kind of medicines they might be. This should avoid any undesirable reactions. You should especially mention if you’re taking any of the drugs for the lowering of the blood pressure, because some nootropic based smart drugs are being used as an alternative to them, and taking both of them could lead to an overdose.

There is a good chance that these brain pills might accelerate or even slow down some of the liver enzymes that work at expelling other drugs from your system. In addition, make sure you mention the fact that you’re taking antidepressants, birth control pills, patches or rings (if you are taking them, of course). It is really important to be frank and earnest with your doctor, and don’t worry, they won’t judge you, no matter what you’ve done. Other types of brain pills including Modvigil and Artvigil, both strong and will help you stay very focused throughout your day.

Also, make sure you be extra careful in case you are taking any of the cold medicines that contain ephedrine, or even the ones that contain pseudo-ephedrine, because that could lead to an enhanced blood pressure or an increased heart rate. Pretty much the same effects could be expected with the taking of these smart drugs with an extremely large amount of caffeine. Make sure you stick to these instructions, because they are there for your well being.


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